Living with MRSA
what you need to know but nobody will tell you...
MRSA is very easily spread and very difficult and time consuming to get rid of. MRSA is ugly, dreaded, painful, annoying and can be deadly. I am sharing my personal experiences on how I deal with MRSA.

Welcome to Living with MRSA !

Living with MRSA is a unique 11 page downloadable document.

Point 1: Almost all MRSA websites give you the same basic information and pictures of MRSA.

Point 2: MRSA is serious but you’re lucky to get 5 minutes of your HMO doctor’s time.

Point 3: Most doctors will not discuss diet and natural remedies for MRSA.

Point 4: Most doctors will not discuss supplements and germ prevention techniques.

Point 5: Strong antibiotics are often necessary for the treatment of MRSA infection but doctors rarely tell you the short-term, long-term and side effects of taking powerful antibiotics.

You must take action to educate yourself about this contagious staph infection and how to deal with the symptoms, treatment and prevention.

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